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19V Charger for Lenovo IdeaPad U110 U330 U350 U450 U550 Y300 Y310 Y330 Y350 Y410 Y430 GMA Y450 GMA Y510 GMA Y530 GMA Y550 GMA Y650 GMA Y710 GMA Y730 GMA Y730A G430 G230 Series, 3000 G230/ G400/ G410/ G430/ G450/ G500/ G510/ G530/ G550/ N500

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LENOVO 19V 3.42A, 65W, 5.5MM X 2.5MM TIP LAPTOP CHARGER for: Lenovo IdeaPad U110, U330, U350, U450, U550 Series, Y300, Y310, Y330, Y350, Y410, Y430 GMA, Y450 GMA, Y510 GMA, Y530 GMA, Y550 GMA, Y650 GMA, Y710 GMA, Y730 GMA, Y730A Series, G430, G230 Series, 3000 G230, 3000 G400, 3000 G410, 3000 G430, 3000 G450, 3000 G500, 3000 G510, 3000 G530, 3000 G550, 3000 N500 Series

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