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4.8mm x 1.7mm, Long Slim Pin, for HP, DELL, 19.5volts, 3.33amp Laptop Charger

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DC Plug 4.8mm x 1.7mm (Long pin)

Suitable for HP 19.5v , 3.33a laptop chagrer cable repairs

A Good Quality Repairing Kit to Fix DC Plug /Wire Damaged Laptop Charger or Other Power Supply Adapters.

The item included: DC Power Plug with Lead and Cable Connection Box. Soldering is NOT required.



Don’t throw away your original charger just because charger dc plug is damaged. This product is designed to repair those pin or wire damaged adapters. Look out for physical damage to the plug or wire around plug which goes behind your computer. Usually damage to internal wire appears as a bulge in cable. Other symptom of broken wire includes charging light only turns on when you move plug cable in a certain direction.


POWER SUPPLY REPAIRS: The weakest point of every power cord is the connection point with the connector or in other words – this is where the cable bends the most. Before installation make sure the plug fit your device. Different laptop manufacturers use different size and shape of dc connectors so make sure you know the correct size of your old connector. If you are just replacing broken dc plug instead complete dc cable you might find that most power adapters have a large choke mounted near the connector designed to stop RF interference passing through cable. If choke is too close to the connector you can cut it off. Do not worry in most cases this would not affect the normal operation. Check the wires of the old plug cable to make sure you get the polarity right. In most branded chargers the centre white colour wire is normally positive and the surrounded wire or black colour wire is negative. Check for ‘N’ and ‘L’ marks near terminals. Please note few brand like HP and Dell use three core coaxial cable. The third thinner centre wire inside cable & tiny pin inside plug is called ‘Identification Wire or Wire 1’. So in three core coaxial cable, the middle wire will be positive & outer surrounded wire will be negative wire.


Many online stores & retailers are selling cheap quality or fake chargers at low prices which do not last very long & have no safety features. Fixing genuine charger by using our High Quality repairing kit will definitely be worth more. Before you place order kindly make sure that you know the correct size of your own charger dc tip. Please note you will be responsible for the cost of returning an item to us.

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