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8.4v AC Adapter for CANON FS21,FS22,FS200,FS300,HF10,HF11,HF20,HF100,HF200,HF M31,HF S10,HF S100,HG20,HG21,HG30,HR10,HV10,HV20,HV30,HV40,XA10,ZR80,ZR85,ZR90,ZR100,ZR200,MV600,MV700,Series,DC10,DC19,DC40,DC100,HV10,CA-570,CA-590,CA-570 S,CA-570 E

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8.4v Compatible Model AC Adapter for CANON FS21, FS22, FS200, FS300, HF10, HF11, HF20, HF100, HF200, HF M31, HF S10, HF S100, HG20, HG21, HG30, HR10, HV10, HV20, HV30, HV40, XA10, ZR80, ZR85, ZR90, ZR100, ZR200, Selected MV600, MV700, MV800 Series, DC10, DC19, DC40, DC100, HV10, CA-570, CA-590, CA-570 S, CA-570 E. (Please note the power adapter brand is Sony & the dc connector has been modified)

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